Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh here's to Ramadan

Assalamualaikum to all muslims the world over.. :)

Ramadan has come once again.

We should be thankful to the Almighty as He has given us the chance to meet this month full of goodness, once more. Alhamdulillah.

We humans are made by God in such a way that we tend to forget things quite frequently (unless u r Einstein,..but too bad, ur offense yeahh(: ). So, in this post, i'd like to remind myself as well as the others about things that we are often told (when Ramadan comes), but often too, we forget (esp. when Ramadan goes).

During the month of Ramadan, we know that as muslims, have to control ourselves from all the tempts that the world has to offer.

Our lust and desire, we should be able to control perfectly. No excuses for this (bukan lam ramadan jak kan? malah pada hari2 biasa juak).

Therefore, below are the things that i've mentioned earlier:

1. As everyone already know, we must control ourselves from taking any sort of food and beverages during the day for the whole month of Ramadan. (mun sik tauk benda tok, nang...em, no komen)

2. Control what you see. Jauhilah pandangan daripada melihat perkara2 yang mendatangkan dosa (in other words, yang menjurus ke arah maksiat)

3. Control what you say. Janganlah kita mencemuh, mengumpat dan sebagainya. Allah maha mendengar dan sesungguhnya Dia maha mengetahui.

4. Control what you hear. Avoid hearing things that are negative, eavesdropping is simply a no no..janganlah juga kita sengaja mendengar gosip2, orang mengumpat etc. (sik baik tauk sik? ishh)

5. Control the other parts of your body (besides those that are stated above). Simply, don't let ur hands, feet, fingers, and,..u know what part, be the main contributors to your sin account. Naudzubillah.

So there u have it..

As humans, we certainly are forgetful creatures, but as Muslims, we must strive as hard as we could to remember these things for it is a part of our life. It is synonym to, um, try imagining, what or how will it be like if we lead this life without the existence of water? Like H2O is crucial for us to sustain life, these reminders are significant for us to build our stairway to heaven (insya-Allah).

Assalamualaikum, and have a wonderful month of Ramadan. :)

gambar hiasan. jangan terliur melihat burger ini :D

Saturday, August 15, 2009

UM tonite

UM aka Universiti Malaya punya compound nang besar alu..haha..

sakai alu masok ctok..bagaikan rusa masuk kampung :D
went there with Azim aka Lutfi..then, I met Casper..lamak sik jumpa nya..
and, what else oh? umm, UM is a very cool university..
salam :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Some info lekak nangga dokumentari the Arrivals. Let me start off by a little science lesson (tauk ataupun siktauk, baca jak lah k? :p)

men are made up of billions upon billions of cells..

cells are made up of various kinds of elements..

elements (nitrogen, oxygen etc) are made up of atoms..

atoms are made up of packets of energy called quarks (if im not mistaken-betulkan jika salah :D)

Quarks (packets of energy) in an atom

every time we do things, such as talking, kicking soccer balls, what do we emit? thats right-ENERGY. (obvious kan -,-")

also, when we express ourselves emotionally, lets take happiness as an example,..we also release ENERGY..

In other words, mun sik faham, we are constantly releasing energy..CONSTANTLY..even if

kita tengah rilek2, our cells work 24/7 for us which means, energy are used (and released) also

in that period of time ( tym kita rilek2 ya tek).

We even release energy when we are thinking; to make things easy, thoughts are energy. the more we think, the more energy are released.

As a human being, we are made by the Almighty, in such a way that we are easily influenced by other people.
We are not just easily influenced by what others say or do (eg 1; mun A madah makan vitamin A bagus utk kesihatan, B pun ter-influence lah oleh A. eg 2; mun si D nangga mendiang michael jackson menari, lalu lah nya ter-influence ngekot tarian moon walk ya juak) but we are also easily influenced by the ENERGY EMITTED BY THE OTHERS.

For an example, Ali and Abu were walking home from school, where suddenly, Abu received a

phone call from his sister saying that his brother, Sam, has just passed away.

Abu was heart broken, he was extremely sad. Abu emits energy in the form of his sadness.

Therefore, in that situation, of course, Ali feels sad to. Here, it is shown that we, humans are

capable of influencing people and being influenced by people around us through the energy

emitted in many forms.


we are capable of releasing and receiving energy. Positive energy, :D as well as negative energy D:
positive energy from mosques is the result of the positive energy (vibe) released from people (nok beribadat lam masjid ya) inside. extra info; the energy of a place or a building depends on the activity which takes place inside them.

From my point of view, it is simple. We do good, we emit postive :D energy. We do bad, nasty stuff, we emit negative energy.

It is wise for us also to spend more time with people who release positive energy (camney? carik la org nok positive :/).

For example, in Islam, it is advised to spend more time with those who are Alim (those who have in-depth knowledge about Islam) for they consistently emit positive energy.

So there u have it. something for u guys to think of. mun ada apa2 gik mok ditambah ataupun diperbetul, please share. :D

Assalamualaikum, have a good day..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

jangan meremeh2kan perkara ini


Note to those who think they are free from h1n1, think again. and to those who have just healed from it, don't even think that u guys are not going to get it-AGAIN because these evil lil smart ass(es) [h1n1 virus] knows no boundaries. they'll even attack u again and again until eventually, u kick the bucket. so, all i am asking is that, please do take care of yourselves. because you don't know what the future has got in store for us. A doctor told me a few days ago, no one is immune to this , they can attack ur sisters, brothers, grannies, or whoever u guys can think of. Also, he told me that this illness will be going on for at least 6 more months!

so as to prevent the symptoms from emerging, take a lot of rest, drink more water as well as juices, take ur meds on time, and stay away from others who are infected or who are most likely to be infected..u guys might have known this measures already but just take it as a gentle reminder.


Thursday, July 30, 2009



demam lah pulak..datang2 ke miri alu demam..

sik best alu jakk..

sikpat pegi jalan :'(

polah homework pun sik larat..haihh

Monday, July 27, 2009


assalamualaikum :)

yet another post from me.

this past few days have been all started on friday, 24th of july..

lekak abis smayang jemat bersama warga uitm k.pilah ngri 9, what was on my mind the whole time

was; fotostat nota bio 54 copies, makan tengahari, get ready for kawat and then polah tutorial

maths n chemis3.

but before i lay my foot outside of the PI (pusat islam as the mgmt call it),

the imam made an announcent.

pk nya mok padah apa tek..pasal isra' mikraj ka kan?

tiba2, he made an announcent that made the whole student body happy..

cuti seminggu-the magic literally lifted the spirits of everyone in the campus! wow..

kinek2 ya lekak nengar announcement ya dah ada org balit :O

"mung nak kelik kelate pas nih?", "depa pi balek penang laa ni jugak!"

macam2 la diklakar cdak tym ya kowhh..

as for me, i went back to selayang, rumah usu-ku, pada keesokan harinya (sabtu, 25th).. :)

and that same day, my grandparents came to KL :')

so the following day, to my surprise, we went to the zoo-of all the places! :o

atas permintaan kazen2 ku yang kechil2 apa gik,.aku layan jak lahh..

dah10 tahun x pegi visit my animal friends tek nak?

^meet Dora :o

^meet Diego :O

note to Onon, i bet u already knw these guys kan ? heehee :p

it was fun lahh..we saw tigers, lions, and3 snakes of course :1

^my kazen, Aina..lekak nangga sea lion kegemaranya tek bersama abangnya..

ohh yeah, if u guys r wondering how does my campus looks like, here u go :) [DI BAWAH]

kacak nak lam gamba tok? well seriously, what's in the pic, stays in the pic :s

in other words, sik lah sekacak ney, despite baharu kan?

and yess, it is surrounded by lush green lawn..kepale hotak hang (bak kata room mate ku),

green lawn itu adalah sebenarnya thick and untouched forest/jungle or whatever u like to call 'em..

so yeah, basically thats all..

assalamualaikum and roll out..

Saturday, July 25, 2009


assalamualaikum blog..

im currently in the state of disbelief right now coz of the sudden announcement of the holiday..

yeahh, u got it..H1N1 punye pasal lerr..

there has been a rumour floatin' around the campus whereby someone kene jangkit H1N1..

huisshh..i was i goin to be one of the victims? palis2!! hope not!

fortunately, it turned out to be untrue..

but still, why announce the holiday abruptly? in fact, why is there even a holiday when clearly,

our campus is swine flu-free? (why am i askin all these questions?? dah cuti, cuti ajak lahh..x

bersyukur lalu jak nyetok :s). anyway, alhamdulillah ada cuti lahh..seminggu, dapatlah ku pulang

ke kampung ku yang best lagi awesome :)

and then, HARRY POTTER pun movie baru ya, i have to admit to be a nice comeback after the

dull ones before. Although the plot isnt exactly the way it is (according to the book), it is still a

fun and a watchable movie..3.5 out of 5

ADEHH..this blog dah jadi macam tempat utk critic movies jakk :s.. peace :)